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By adminrezonant

Why it makes sense to get it right the first time?

On 14, Dec 2013 | In Working ways | By adminrezonant

That’s a silly question…have you ever met someone who wanted to get it wrong the first time?

There’s a category of people who sit at their computers all day and night, clicking away incessantly. They sacrifice their sleep, their leisure and their social lives. When presented with a task, these individuals toil away and work incessantly until they’ve got it right. The Japanese are known for this. Japan also has a special category of death called Karoshi – which means ‘death from overwork’. It also has the highest suicide rate in the world. Working like a dog happens to include living like one. You sleep wherever you can, you eat leftovers and you aren’t really allowed outdoors. Scratch that. Some dogs have it a lot better. There’s a reason why the phrase ‘work-life balance’ was coined…Because, there’s work…and there’s life…and you need both of them to LIVE!

There’s an easier way of doing things, where you manage to do a great job and still keep your sanity. Just get it right the first time! We believe in this strongly. It just makes sense. If you get things right the first time, then everyone’s happy. Your boss is happy that great work is being done, your clients are happy to receive great work, your clients’ customers are happy to be the targets of this great work and their bankers are happy with all money that the great work is bringing in.

Now everyone can go home earlier and live their lives!