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By adminrezonant

Why it makes sense to get the bigger picture?

On 14, Dec 2013 | In Working ways | By adminrezonant

We all know the story of the woodcutter who sat on the branch he was cutting, don’t we? He fell so hard that he made a massive mark.

A mark that went on to become a milestone…in idiocy!

People who don’t see the bigger picture can definitely create quite the bang, but we believe in making noise in another way – through great work – which is only possible when you get the bigger picture!

It’s simple. The bigger the picture is, the bigger the results are. Productivity and profitability go through the roof. The clients see the greatness of the value and the amount of respect you get from the right people is, well…greater! We’ll admit that it’s risky business, this whole bigger picture game. We’ll also admit that life’s a bit of a bore without the risks. Taking baby steps and putting one foot forward at a time is all well and good, but if you don’t know where you’re going, what’s the point? Besides, it’s the only way to produce work that really stands out. It’s how we work.