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By adminrezonant

Why it makes sense to hire only the best?

On 14, Dec 2013 | In Working ways | By adminrezonant

Now that we’ve gone and stated that we believe in doing flawless work, we must acknowledge that it isn’t possible to produce impeccable results with mediocre people…

so we really have no choice but to hire only the best. You think the Mona Lisa was painted with twigs? No! Da Vinci had some badass paintbrushes! Not to say he couldn’t have done it with twigs…He would’ve probably made some badass paintbrushes from them! But perhaps it is reasonable to assume that it wouldn’t have been as great.

Right, now before we lose complete track of this…we only hire the best, because they get it right the first time, with absolutely no defects! They don’t have to be told what to do over and over again and save us a lot of time. The best people can put their point across to clients and can get along well with other great people well! They don’t have to be spoon-fed and they complete things by themselves. And while they’re doing all this, they inspire and motivate others, and win a sh*tload of awards for themselves and for the firm! Why the hell wouldn’t we hire only the best?