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We’ve all heard of the big bang. Some people link it to the hand of god. Others link it to science. A few propose that some absentminded alien lit a smoke in an intergalactic fuel station. All very credible theories. But this is beside the point.

“Since then the world has seen a mix of madness.”

Fish began to walk and monkeys began to talk. These talking monkeys formed armies and ran around fighting one another. They still do this today; only their armies are called companies. This is beside the point as well. In fact everything that you just read was put in to create drama and conjure up a sense of grandeur (not to mention fill this page).

Now where were we…ah yes, talking monkeys. Somewhere along the way, a select mix of these monkeys happened to evolve. They grew sharper than the rest. They were no longer monkeys. They were people! A mix of creative people that planned to change the rest of the world. We are Rezonant.