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Great people generally do great things. If a coward wrestled a crocodile…well, then he wouldn’t really be a coward now would he? Wait, we’re getting sidetracked…The first step to achieving great results is putting together a great team. The general trend is to look for like-minded people, but we don’t really believe in that. What are we doing? Building a herd of sheep? Rezonant is comprised of individuals from all over the world, each with their own skillsets, talents, ideas and their own, unique rhythms.

Think you fit the bill for any of these?

Senior Copywriter

A copywriter who has been working in the field for more than a few years is like Frankenstein’s monster unleashed, albeit with a better vocabulary. He will grammar nazi the shit out of you until you want to just wither the storm under his huge Oxford English dictionary which he bought because, well, he is a copywriter and that is what they do. They buy dictionaries, grammar books, all the latest editions of Wren and Martins and then decorate their bookshelves all the while secretly reading Archie comics in the loo. ‘Cause good ideas come from Riverdale, where else?

They talk to clients themselves and say they are ‘effectively utilising time’ by reducing the communication gap between the client and the design team. The gap can be seen reducing immensely at the local coffee shop so we know they do not lie.

All this we like. So, if any of you think you fit the bill, and you can bear this immense burden, do write in to us at

Junior Copywriter

Most aspiring copywriters are like Indian politicians. They want the praise and acceptance before the work even begins. They wish that even if they have contributed an ‘and’ to a piece of copy, their photo with an autograph should be there right below. In their minds they are no less than Shah Rukh Khan or Brad Pitt when in fact their level is more of a Rakhi Sawant who similarly wants to be on the poster of a movie even if her..erm..face is there in the movie for just 10 seconds. Ask them to name ten advertising agencies in the country and they say Prahlad Kakkar. These guys are like Simba in Lion King, lost but with the potential to change the world.

However, any copywriter world wide, since time immemorial, has a penchant for big words and a rooted horror for bad grammar and language to the point where he has taught the household help words like ‘ridiculous’ and ‘underpaid’ which they frequently use in salary discussions ( much to the chagrin of the parents). He is generally unafraid to correct anyone, even if it is an important client who though worth crores, has not even heard of the Oxford Dictionary.

We want a little bit of both in our writers. After reading this, if you feel that we are talking about and describing you, do write in to us at


Designers are people who are generally lost in their own world. They choose to see and look at only what concerns them and nothing else. You show them a great movie from the ’50s or the ’60s and all they will have to say is that how ‘grainy’ or ‘murky’ the print is and how the colour correction has been done poorly. A true designer looks for a unique combination of functionality and style in everything he sees or uses. He will never serve you coffee in a free “Happy new year from ABC builders” mug. His mug might be chipped, but it will be ‘artistically’ so.

He will truly stand by his opinions and risk everything in his life for a design he truly believes in. Living off inspiration and personal competition, a good designer breathes life into the words of the copywriter and a design agency.

If you have been feeling this way and have an insight into the design world with two years of experience or more, preferably more, and if you have killer Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator skills, please do write in to us at

If you have not worked in the field but on reading the description you do feel that we are describing you, if you have been designing birthday cards and wedding invites using your self-taught Photoshop and Indesign talent, and in your gut you do know you would make a great designer, we appreciate your confidence but please do not apply…

Just kidding, send in your portfolio and resume at

Client Servicing 

A truly talented client servicing guy is very hard to find. His mouth should do the work for him, he should have presence of mind, he should truly be passionate about the service industry and keep all customers in a happy place. Sadly, people with these qualifications tend to…erm…go to other places.

Jokes apart, the client service industry requires true passion and a gift of the gab to keep all the customers happy even when they are not supposed to be. He must have Arnab Goswami’s debating skills and Manmohan Singh’s diplomacy (Yes we did say such people are hard to find).

So, all you MBA types out there, who want to do something different with your life and be able to wear jeans to work (YES! Not kidding) and not commit suicide blaming your manager at the bank before your 30th birthday, do apply and send in your punchnama at