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April 16, 2018 - Comments Off on Impatient Writer

Impatient Writer

By now, you have spent some time honing your talent.

You have met clients and sat in on meetings. You have written brochures, checked the copy on flyers and corrected emails for colleagues. You have heard and by now even used words and phrases like ‘deep dive’ and ‘the art of the possible’. You have maybe even been flummoxed with questions like ‘is it hashtagable?’ and incomprehensible abbreviations like ‘CTR’, ‘CPM’, ‘RTB’, when the only abbreviation you know is KLPD.

However, you have now started becoming better at what you do. Projects excite you more than they scare you. You are getting the hang of thinking bigger and better always. Stuff that kept you awake at night has become simple and easy to crack. You now know that you have the right aptitude and you also know that you can work your ass off. Maybe it is time you gave yourself the right opportunity.

Experience: 0-2 years

Required Skills: Excellent command over English, great communication skills, exceptional proof-reading skills, expert in English grammar.

Tools: MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, Apple Keynote, Google docs, Dropbox.

We want someone who: 

  1. Has written something beyond the essays in the English 2 paper
  2. Is a pro at MS Word and Excel
  3. Has a reference system of writers/creators and their work
  4. Is great at proof-reading, spell-checking, grammar correcting
  5. Has extremely good communication skills
  6. Is strongly motivated to survive in a highly competitive and difficult field
  7. Is a solution provider, someone who is proactive and hands-on
  8. Sleeps with a Wren & Martin below the pillow
  9. Can’t stand SMS lingo
  10. Is a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi

You won’t like it here if:

  1. You are not focussed. We want you to learn & grow fast
  2. You are not curious about the way brands and businesses function
  3. You can handle only one brief at a time. Unfortunately, time is of the essence and multi-tasking is the need of the hour
  4. If you do not want to learn
  5. If you don’t enjoy your work
  6. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty. From dealing with vendors
    and clients to site visits, we do everything ourselves
  7. If you are in it for the wrong reasons. We come to work early and try to
    leave early. Party/sleep/chill, your time, your choice

Good to have:

  1. Aspire to be a strategic thinker and solve problems for brands
  2. Aspire to pick up design skills
  3. Desire to grow and learn
  4. Interested in strategy, brand building, customer & employee journeys
  5. Interest in digital marketing, cutting edge marketing tools, new media
  6. A burning and inexplicable love for good design and content; like Batman has for Gotham
  7. A love for chai, shorts & flip-flops, cause that’s how we roll

If interested, please send your work to

To apply for this job email your details to

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