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77 East – Case Study

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

77 East – Case Study

Divyasree’s colossal housing project, 77 East needed a strong advertising campaign to highlight the sense of grandeur and closeness to the city that the project provides.

The idea was to reflect the soul of 77 East. Situated right next to elite areas like Indiranagar and Koramangala, this epitome of luxury, space and architecture needed to showcase it’s attributes to CEOs and other HNIs. The advertising creatives should also embody elements of the brochure and help tie together the whole image of 77 East.

The objective was to have a watertight ad campaign that spoke specifically to HNIs. It should be comprehensive, classy and effective in terms of getting the right kind of attention. Knowing the plethora of projects in the city, it’s very important to project the idea of 77 East as being the best place to be in the city.

The concept was to highlight the decadence of staying in the heart of the city presented alongside the beauty, spacious, luxury and quality of 77 East.

Design Approach
After careful analysis and collecting data from around Bangalore, we compiled a list of 77 reasons to move out of these so-called elite areas and move to the new center of luxury and high-end living, 77 East. The campaign also described the conundrum of most people having to sacrifice connectivity to the city in the hopes of living in a villa amidst peace and tranquility. 77 East, being ideally located, conveyed the message of not having to forsake the city to enjoy an optimum lifestyle. A brief note on all the features and amenities followed each ad.

The campaign managed to gain tremendous steam following it’s success on billboard, web and print. The ads managed to stand out as well ignite a lot of interest in the target audience. The campaign managed to open the floodgates and become as grand and successful as the project itself.