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Brochure for 77 Sky Brochure for 77 Sky Brochure for 77 Sky Brochure for 77 Sky Brochure for 77 Sky Brochure for 77 Sky

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Brochure for 77 Sky

Divyasree’s uber luxurious project, nestled in the heart of the city, needed a brochure that matched caliber of its size, scale and of course, luxury. This project redefined fine living in a city where the word ‘luxury’ gets thrown around a lot. Since the target audience comprises of an elite sect of High Net-worth Individuals(HNI), everything in and about the brochure had to be immaculate.

The idea was to reflect the characteristics of the project, which stood taller than all others when it came to the ultimate urban living experience. A in-depth study was conducted on what makes a project stand out for a HNIs. These extremely successful, well-versed individuals are the crème dela crème of the nation’s modern society. It needed to connect with them on a higher level in terms of content and design.

The main objective was to stand out from the other brochures while conveying the message of having the most unique and certainly the most luxurious community right in the heart of the city. The goal was to showcase 77 Sky as peerless and one-of-a-kind.

The concept came about to create a big book that had every little detail listed out in it. This big book, which would have over a hundred pages, would be the pinnacle in audio-design anthologies regarding premium real estate. Every nuance that sets this project apart from it’s contemporaries would be highlighted.

Design Approach
The approach we took this time was to create a huge, hard bound book that looked like a really sophisticated coffee table book. A simple blue cover with 77 Sky in a bold silver font is the first thing anyone would notice. A detailed table of contents ensued. Only 51 homes, ideal location, the large space and other high end amenities were strategically emphasized to give the reader a feeling of exclusiveness. Actual statistics, some taken from the effective focus audience bookmarked each leg of the brochure. These statistics helped in accentuating why 77 Sky is the ultimatum in luxury living. Simple, clear content supported by photographs and other graphics became the flesh and bones of the brochure. Elaborate plans, 3d renders and artistic renditions of the homes and the project were put together to give readers an optimum perspective into what living at 77 Sky would be like.

The brochure was a raving success. So much so that people did not consider it as a brochure, but as something that could be found in a library or bookstore. The overall appeal of the brochure far surpassed any of the other projects in the city. It also effectively captured the grandness of the project while keeping most of the content easy to read and accessible. They say that 77 Sky created design history in the city scape, and so did the brochure.