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Passport Brochure for Amadeus Passport Brochure for Amadeus Passport Brochure for Amadeus Passport Brochure for Amadeus Passport Brochure for Amadeus Passport Brochure for Amadeus

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Passport Brochure for Amadeus

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. It’s Indian chapter, Amadeus Labs, needed innovative recruitment and induction material for their campus visits this year. The idea was to create collateral that stood out from the endless heap of campus recruitment pamphlets and brochures dumped on graduating student each year.

Campus recruitment time is extremely important for any modern day engineering student. The next few days will be what he/she has been looking forward to all these days as they can finally see all their efforts come to fruition. But during this time, they are also bombarded with a huge range of, “we will give you the best future” mumbo-jumbo by all the corporate big wigs. By the time they sieve through this rubble,the printed paraphernalia loses its effect. You might even see the bins on campus full of all these papers, with inspirational quotes and stock images from the web, defeated and trashed.

The objective was to create different and interesting print material to be given out during the campus recruitment process. The idea was to effectively communicate the size, scale and tenacity of Amadeus. Since Amadeus is not a common name compared to other IT companies, it was vital to convey everything a new joinee would need to know about the company, in something he/she could carry in their pockets.

The idea came about to create a passport as a flier. This seemed apt as Amadeus was one of the biggest names powering the travel domain. It also allowed to have a sizable amount of content without making it cluttered. When a student would receive this, it would induce a feeling of going places, figuratively and otherwise.

A brochure was also made, carrying similar, but more detailed content as the flier. The cover of the brochure was made to look like an aircraft cabin, metaphorically carrying the aspirations of the young Indian work force. This was given to the admins of the colleges for their queries and reference.


Design Approach
Passport to Code Country, a flier that donned the attire of a passport. The inside sleeve had the same details layout, but it came with a twist. Instead of people having to fill their details, which honestly, no one would, the page contained many synonyms for a great mind and a great employee. Going through the pages, extensive but effective information on the travel domain, Amadeus globally and subsequently Amadeus Labs, Bangalore and its functioning were fleshed out. It also gave brief summaries about each division at Amadeus Labs and their role in the big picture. All the information was constructed based on how effectively useful information needed to be shared with perspective employees while still being portrayed as a fun, innovative company to work with. Simple visual elements helped tie all the information together. The last page was left empty so that the students can get it stamped, like a real passport, after attending the presentation.


The results were hugely successful. Not only did they understand that Amadeus was a big company and could provide a great career, they also had a small pocket book that they refused to discard. They were even ready for a pop quiz based on the chapters in the passport. The remembrance value was immense compared to other companies and their approach. True success is when people still talk about you days after you’ve left, and that is exactly what happened.

P.S. Not a single copy was found in any of the bins on campus.