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Amadeus Website – Case Study

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Amadeus Website – Case Study

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. Following the success of the brochure and flyer, the next step was to create a website that would be more in sync with today’s young, working demographic.

As part of changing the overall image and branding of Amadeus Labs India, an online platform that encompassed all the details that a viable candidate needed to know about Amadeus Labs, without having to go through heaps of boring content, had to be created.

The objective was to build a new website that reflected everything about Amadeus Labs and its new image. The site also needed to be unique from the cornucopia of other dreary IT sites. This website had to have the same simplicity and energy reflected by the brochure and flyer. This site’s purpose was to deliver all the information one might need about Amadeus and also generate more online applications.

The idea was to create something simple. An effective user interface that could hold all the content from the brochure and flyer was the way to go. It also had to have easy access and navigability along with keeping the reader engaged. The size of Amadeus and its functions is not known to all. Hence, this was the main message that needed to be delivered.

Design Approach
When a person would visit the site, the first thing he/she would see is the tag-line for Amadeus followed by riveting, factual statistics about the company and its functioning. These statistics, which are magnanimous, are then linked to Amadeus Labs, Bangalore on how their key role and position, affects Amadeus global and hence, the world. Other pages reflect the same content from the extremely detailed and fleshed out brochure and present it on a simple format. A map of code country was also put up with links for each division/state listed on the side for easy access. News articles, photo galleries and more content to provide insight into the ever-evolving travel domain were also added to complete the site.

The result was a huge success. Like the brochure and the flyer, the site was very effective in giving the visitor a detailed look into Amadeus Labs and its functioning. Not only did it mange to convey information, it also kept the visitor engaged enough to go through all the pages. There are usually some vital elements that go amiss whilst transitioning from print to web. But in this case that did not happen. What we got was a well versed, well planned and well received website.