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Angadi Silks Retail Experience Angadi Silks Retail Experience Angadi Silks Retail Experience Angadi Silks Retail Experience Angadi Silks Retail Experience Angadi Silks Retail Experience

By adminrezonant

On 17, May 2014 | In | By adminrezonant

Angadi Silks Retail Experience

Angadi Silks is a regional retail player in the silks and sarees industry. To showcase their ability and capability from manufacturing to retailing, Rezonant was commissioned to develop the look and feel of their flagship store in Bangalore.

One of the main challenges that faces the saree & Indian ethic wear retail business is that it is pre-dominantly a trader’s business. People buy cheap and sell dear. And since no number of sarees is too great for an Indian woman, demand is constant. Often, the otherwise discerning Indian woman is unable to make out the fine differences between a genuine saree and a not-so-genuine one. Angadi with a history of 6 centuries, yes, really, has figured out the entire supply chain between manufacturing and retailing.

After a phase of analysis, three clear objectives emerged. One, to communicate the end-to-end capabilities of the organisation. Two, to awaken a deeper understanding of the types of Indian sarees in the consumer. Three, to build a long-term appreciation of the design investment put in by Angadi.

As a break from the general Rezonant tradition of contemporary art and illustration, here we decided to explore traditional art. Most of the graphic styles emerged from understanding how different styles of sarees were evolved. We decided to tell stories across the store. Some of the stories talked about successful Indian women and celebrated them; some other told the glorious history of the organisation.

Design Approach
Not only the graphics, but even the signage was custom-designed in copper. Graphics have been meticulously hand-drawn by illustrators on our team. Earthy techniques have been used in production.

We could see a greater recall value for the store’s offerings and many women mentioned that ‘I didn’t know you had such a wide offering’.