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Brand Identity for Atharvan Brand Identity for Atharvan Brand Identity for Atharvan Brand Identity for Atharvan Brand Identity for Atharvan

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Brand Identity for Atharvan

Branding an ERP Solutions Company almost always starts with a bang – the sound of copywriters slamming their heads against a wall. This is because it can be quite the challenge, simply because of the huge number of existing companies out there with very similar offerings. In such cases, differentiating the company’s offering from the rest of the herd becomes crucial.

Existing ERP Solutions all claim to streamline businesses and make them productive. With our client’s offering not being hugely different from the others, simply differentiating it from them with words is not enough. The identity must not just inform people about the client’s offering, but also give them some sort of insight into the way the client worked.

We were required to create a brand identity for Atharvan – an ERP Solutions Company that helps businesses greatly increase productivity and unlock their full potential. We were required to come up with a tagline to say what Atharvan did and a set of values that described how Atharvan did it.

Most ERP Solutions Companies’ taglines are focused on what they can do for a business. They claim to revamp, redefine, amplify, accelerate, streamline, supercharge business and so on. They’re sort of like stars – we know they’re different, but they all look the same.

In the case of Atharvan, we adopted a different route. We didn’t focus on what Atharvan could do for a business. Instead, we focused on what happens to a business after using Atharvan’s solution. The tagline that we created was Business is Productive.

With stage one completed, we moved on to the second phase of the identity, coming up with a set of guidelines that showed clients how Atharvan worked its magic. These were called The Atharvamantras

The Atharvamantras:
Enchant customers with the Atharvan experience
Enrich businesses through technology
Ensure streamlined processes with efficiency
Envision clients’ challenges through thought leadership
Enable success by providing quality training
Design Approach
The concept behind the logo was simple. Without Atharvan’s solution a business becomes unorganized and chaotic. We represented this with a tangled ball of wool. However, since the tagline read Business is Productive, the imagery created was focused on what happens to the tangled ball of wool (the business) after using Atharvan’s solution. The final logo was a neatly rolled ball of wool.

Atharvan’s brand identity was hugely appreciated and generated a tremendous amount of business for them. Within a year of their existence, they were bought over by a larger company and are doing incredibly well today.