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Blimey Brand Blimey Brand Blimey Brand Blimey Brand

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Blimey Brand

Posh establishments in the hospitality industry are just like celebrities. They’re forced to examine every step they take because they’re always looking to make a good impression. The key to making a great first impression is a strong brand identity and this is something we adhered to while working on Bangalore-based Irish-themed pub, Blimey.

Branding a high-end pub in a liquor-riddled city like Bangalore can be quite the challenge, especially when there’s so much competition around. It isn’t enough to simply come up with a catchy name and a logo. Every note struck by the place must be on the same wavelength for it to resonate well with customers. Otherwise, it simply becomes cacophonic chaos.


We were required to come up with a name, a logo and a core philosophy for a high-end Irish-themed pub, located in the centre of town. The pub primarily targeted the guests of five star hotels in the area and catered to an equal mix of Indians and foreigners. The identity had to be a delicate mix of Irish and Indian for all customers to relate to it equally. No, we couldn’t just call it Irish Wines Bar and Restaurant.


We began by asking ourselves a very basic question – Why do people visit pubs? Apparently, there are some depraved few who go for the free napkins. Regular folk however, universally go to pubs in order to enjoy themselves and to take a break from their hectic routines and this was the base we used to build the brand.

Blimey is an Irish exclamation of surprise. It was the ideal name because that’s exactly what it promised its patrons- an experience that would break the monotony of their day and take them by surprise.

The philosophy of the pub stemmed from this as well. It was centered on the fact that everyone needs that moment in their day where they can forget all about life’s worries and unwind. Everyone needs a Blimey moment. Everyone needs to go Blimey. If not, they become victims of their stress and they end up ruining their lives.

Design Approach
The logo was inspired by traditional Irish Celtic knots and was designed in such a way that it reflected the high-end nature of the pub. With the typeface the i in Blimey was replaced with an exclamation mark so it read Bl!mey. The exclamation mark represented the Blimey Moment that the pub promised its customers.

The logo was greatly appreciated and the Blimey philosophy was something that everyone could relate to. The phrase go Blimey has become popular with Bangalore’s pub going crowd and the establishment is one of the city’s most talked about pubs.