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Environments for Blimey Environments for Blimey Environments for Blimey Environments for Blimey Environments for Blimey Environments for Blimey

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Environments for Blimey

Creating environmental graphics for a pub is quite different from creating them for an office space. For starters, we can’t go around putting the establishment’s values on the wall. Nobody wants to have to read “Pouring customers’ drinks with experience and integrity” while they sip on a Mojito. Instead, we take the core philosophy of the pub as a base and go on a building spree.

Environmental graphics in a restaurant or a pub can make or break the place…simply because people can be quite the terrors. You’ll find people putting up with THE most annoying spouses imaginable, but when it comes to the hospitality industry, they go in with all guns blazing. Of course, we can’t blame them; after all, restaurants and pubs are where they go to forget about their routines.

Here, environmental graphics need to engage and entertain the customers so they don’t start nitpicking at everything around them. Think we’re exaggerating? Read some restaurant reviews online and see for yourself!

We were required to create environmental graphics for Blimey – an Irish-themed pub in Bangalore’s commercial district. We had already created the core philosophy of the pub, which was focused on the need to go Blimey. In a nutshell, the philosophy said that going out and having a good time is essential to everyone’s mental well-being and the best way to do so, is to go Blimey.

For the graphics, we were required to build on this core philosophy and also bring in a sense of Irishness into the environment because, at the end of the day, it is an Irish-themed pub.

To try and create a set of graphics that can make a connect with Indian customers while simultaneously being Irish, is like trying to hit a pole with a rock, from a considerable distance. You’ve got one shot and it’s either hit or miss. So instead of creating one set of graphics, we came up several sets of them that collectively do the trick – instead of throwing one rock at the pole, we threw a handful – ensuring that contact is made.


Some of the graphics we created were focused on bringing about an Irish flavor to the space and the rest were focused on reinforcing the need to go Blimey.

Design Approach
The Irish are known to be an aggressive lot – This is surprising, considering their contributions to the global cultural pool. Several of the world’s most renowned writers, actors and musicians all hail from Ireland. We used these elements to as inspiration for the pub’s Irish flavor. We had three sets of graphics:

1: Maps of Ireland that highlighted people/matters of significance – The maps focused on Actors, writers and famous food and drink festivals
2: Images of people with Irish proverbs tattooed on their bodies
3: Retro Irish Tourism posters


To reinforce the need to go Blimey, we continued using proverbs, only in this case we used proverbs that people are generally familiar with and gave them a Blimey twist.
The graphics were a huge hit and almost all the customers who visited Blimey were highly appreciative of the graphics. Today, Blimey is one of the most popular pubs in Bangalore.