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Pocket calendar for Careernet Pocket calendar for Careernet Pocket calendar for Careernet Pocket calendar for Careernet Pocket calendar for Careernet Pocket calendar for Careernet

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Pocket calendar for Careernet

Careernet Consulting is a company that specializes in recruitment solutions. We were commissioned to design a smart employee give-away at the beginning of 2012. The idea we came up was a set of 12 role models, illustrated and packaged into a pocket calendar.

Careernet Consulting approached us to create a small pocketbook calender for their esteemed employees to mark important dates in. It needed to carry a simple message telling everyone to the have a great year and be the best they can be.

The book had to be simple, edgy and something anyone would love to take with them wherever they go. It also had to give them little doses of inspiration every time they’d open the book.

The concept came about to create a calender book where each month has a special day marked. This day is the birthday of famous people who’ve changed the world in their own way. On the left side of book has an illustration and a description of an attribute that the world-changer was know for. It also subliminally spoke about the attributes that a great employee should have to create ripples in their careers and be remembered.

Design Approach
The pocketbook designed was tiny enough to carry but also big enough to contain all these detailed elements. Collage-styled illustrations provided the perfect backdrop to enhance the meaning behind the text.

Overall, the book of people seemed to be a constant part of every employee’s life last year. Each person was able to identify with a couple of attributes listed and felt gratified when they realized they shared a common attribute with someone who changed the course of history. They still hold their copies close, even though it’s 2013.