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Environmental Graphics for a Cafe Environmental Graphics for a Cafe Environmental Graphics for a Cafe Environmental Graphics for a Cafe Environmental Graphics for a Cafe

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Environmental Graphics for a Cafe

Cisco is a multinational corporation with headquarters in the USA. It designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment. Bangalore being India’s ‘Tech Capital’ it stands to reason that they have a solid presence here. They have several buildings in a campus with new ones being erected on a regular basis.

The way Cisco does business is different from most companies. Other tech giants who are basing their offices in India generally do so to cut costs. That is why India and Bangalore in turn has earned the name, “The outsourcing capital of the world”. But, Cisco works on the theme of global one-ness. They believe that every office of theirs should function the exact same way and be equally involved in every aspect of the company. From R&D to client servicing.
We were approached by Cisco to design environmental graphics and internal signage for their new building that was coming up then. We immediately knew that this was an operation on a much larger scale
what we had done before. We knew that if we did it right, it would be a huge dinosaur sized feather in our cap, but then that works both ways and feathers in other places are slightly… uncomfortable.

The client did not want to have any illustrations in their office. The requirement was only photographs from their side. So, we decided to pair themed photographs with cleverly written, relevant copy. Painstaking efforts were taken for the photo-shoot which was done on a huge scale with models, props and top of the line equipment by an industry professional at various locations. Great pains were taken to ensure high quality in the pictures taken. Different themes and aspects of Cisco were covered in the pictures.

Design Approach
Whenever there are two creative agencies at work, it becomes a little tricky to proceed with chosen designs. The architects had spent years designing and styling the building and we had to take utmost care that our work does not clash with what they have done. In the end everything has to blend in beautifully. Designing environmental graphics itself for anywhere is an art form. The worry is always that something should not be designed and installed that eventually becomes an eye sore for the regulars. It should be riveting and unique yet it should blend in.
Interior graphics are also an exercise in branding and promoting internal values amongst the employees. The design should promote what the company believes in and stands for so that in spite of no active effort the regular employees’ psyche gets ingrained with these values.
So the photos that we had taken had to now be installed in the office. We had to make sure the photos blended in with the room. We had to go the extra mile to make sure the colours that we used in the photos match the colours the architects have chosen for the furniture, walls and carpeting.

Today, we are working on designing environmental graphics for our 3rd Cisco building in Bangalore and the 4th one over-all. Our designs for their offices have been highly appreciated by everybody in the company. The architects were also happy how by doing our work well, we had also complemented their designs and styling and thus made them look good too.