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Discovery Village: A case study Discovery Village: A case study Discovery Village: A case study Discovery Village: A case study Discovery Village: A case study

By Pranav Rezonant

On 17, Mar 2016 | In | By Pranav Rezonant

Discovery Village: A case study

Discovery Village is a brand of corporate team building retreats with 4 properties spread across the south of India. Quality infrastructure and scenic locations are the biggest assets of the brand. Rezonant’s objectives were to create a long-lasting positioning, material for direct marketing and brand engagement.

The biggest challenge that Rezonant had to overcome was the perception of the brand. Brand Discovery Village (DV) was perceived as a family resort by most and a place for team activities by some. Internally also, Team DV was in some confusion with regard to the core agenda of the brand. When a team from Rezonant visited their properties, we realised that the infrastructure that had been built was specifically designed for corporate team building.

Strategy and Positioning
The site visits and the several interactions and interviews that Rezonant conducted with Team DV enabled us to realise that the way forward for Brand DV would be for it to position itself as a predominantly corporate team building brand which also encouraged the odd weekend getaway for groups of friends and families. The idea was to attract attention from HR Heads and CEOs of companies and encourage them to send their people to Discovery Village.

“We want our people to have fun and also learn to function better as a team.”
– As told to Rezonant by a senior HR manager in the city

Key Learning

– Employers want their employees to have fun and also learn something useful that will help them be more productive
– Employees on the other hand are looking for an opportunity to chill, to break free and go wild for a day.

This evolved into the brand positioning statement: “Wild Offices”.
Wild Offices signified that Discovery Village was a place to go wild and have fun while also learning something useful.

Visual Strategy
The biggest assets that DV has are the beautiful and scenic properties located in picturesque locations. People needed to see that for themselves. For this reason, Rezonant did an extensive photo shoot across their locations. From hiring the right mix of models to appeal across the target audience, to making the actual shoot happen was intense but rewarding.

“So many times it is so difficult to take a decision regarding going to any resort or holiday home because the photos they have provided are blurry and un-clear and just don’t generate trust!”
– As told to Rezonant by a young IT professional

Several visual assets such as hand drawn, illustrated maps of the properties, maps of the general vicinity of the properties were also created and used extensively across the brochure and several flyers.

To enhance brand engagement, we created the following assets
– A complete brochure themed as a magazine with actual articles on team building, modern work environments and work tips written by Team Rezonant. The magazine (brochure) was titled ‘Wild Offices’.  This brochure did not just work at putting forward brand DV but also the entire lifestyle and approach that we wanted the brand to adopt and propagate.

A set of emailers specially crafted and designed for Team DV to approach new customers, remind existing customers, plan trips, send and receive confirmation, receive feedback and more.

– A set of 4 flyers.


– Event collateral for several events like standees, posters, display panels, presentations, vouchers, etc along with some items for their rooms like a special DV branded Bhagavat Gita.

Today, Discovery Village is a recognised name amongst weekend getaway lists and more importantly team building hotspots. Their bookings have shot up through the roof and they plan to scale up operations across all 4 of their properties massively.