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Employee Handbook for Eka Employee Handbook for Eka Employee Handbook for Eka Employee Handbook for Eka Employee Handbook for Eka Employee Handbook for Eka

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Employee Handbook for Eka

We were required to create a handbook for Bangalore-based software company – Eka. Being in the business of creating software for the world of trade, Eka wanted to add an element of fun and show off a little attitude. There isn’t anything funny about writing software and Eka wanted to lighten its tone with a wacky handbook.

Handbooks are an integral part of any company as they serve as an untiring voice that guides the reader through its workings. Handbooks contain basic information about the company such as mission, vision, and values, not to mention its different policies. Almost every corporate organization gives out handbooks to its employees and the content of all these handbooks is largely the same. In other words, the world of handbooks is a terribly boring space to be in. But while the medium, by itself, is boring, it provides us with a great opportunity to be creative.

It is hugely important that employees hold on to their handbooks. Whenever they need something clarified, with regard to the workings of their organization, the answer is sitting right there! However, due to the monotonous nature of these books, they are generally forgotten about and aren’t read. The trick here, is to make the handbook interesting enough, so that people actually want to read it. That was our brief.

To make the handbook more interesting, we decided to change its persona. We wrote the content of the book in the voice of someone who knows that handbooks are generally boring and constantly gets irritated with stating the obvious. Combined with illustrations that were focused on the world of trade, the resulting book was wacky, while simultaneously appearing sober.

Design Approach

We took a sober approach to the design, in order to compensate for the wacky nature of the content. By creating illustrated patterns that were based on the different commodities that Eka helped trade, the book was colourful, but at the same time it did not lose it’s corporate flavor.

The handbook was greatly appreciated by everyone in the country. In the following years, Eka grew rapidly and setup offices in several western countries.