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Flipkart careers website Flipkart careers website Flipkart careers website Flipkart careers website Flipkart careers website Flipkart careers website

On 12, May 2014 | In | By adminrezonant

Flipkart careers website

Sometime in fall last year, we built the career website ( for India’s superstar eCommerce company, Flipkart. The opportunity to do something great might be omnipresent, but there are very few times where what you do becomes something everyone will look up to.

Flipkart’s name and success was well understood in the country. Their ability to sustain an online market place with different vendors offering the best deals in the market had earned them the title of being the e-commerce gurus for India. Their simple yet interactive website made online shopping not only easy, but also a pleasurable experience. Considering their rapid rate of growth and expansion, they needed a new career website to convey their values and philosophy as well as provide prospective employees an insight into who Flipkart is and how functions.

The goal was to create a website that extensively encapsulated everything about Flipkart and present it in a manner that was informative as well as entertaining. The treatment of the site needed to be unique as the reader/visitor engagement of other career sites were extremely low. There were no aspects on these career sites, a lot of them in big league, which encouraged anyone to stay on the site for more than 5 minutes.

The concept came about, inspired by Flipkart’s initial stages of dealing with books, to create an interface that looked and had the feel of a bookstore. But since Flipkart had vastly evolved compared to it’s nascent stages, some other elements that could be found on their retail site were also incorporated. The site will not only contain all the necessary information about Flipkart, but also stories based on people who’ve made it a long way and reaped huge rewards. This would be to give people visiting the site an accounted taste of life at Flipkart. Other sites had boring, drab case studies. This was a new approach of creating fiction powered by the truth.

Design Approach
With the concept crystal clear, the interface was built to look like an old rustic store shelf that had books and other items commonly found in such a setting. Custom designed book covers, magazine covers, LP covers and dvd covers adorned the shelf. Each row of shelves were segregated into a simple ‘who, what, why & how’ format. Once clicked on one of these items on the shelves, it would take you to a detailed descriptive or a case study story (case story) that were supported by info-graphics. These info-graphics also strayed away from regular norm and were supported by funny characters explaining life at Flipkart in a quirky way. It even had funny elements like interview humor, which illustrated real-life funny encounters that the HR team faced while interviewing candidates. Other elements like, media clips, gallery, etc were strategically placed on the site. The case stories were also up for download, in case they wanted to read it later.

The whole site took 4 months of love and labor from ideation to completion.

Along with successfully imparting every little aspect about Flipkart, we also managed to do what Flipkart has been doing all this while, set the par for career sites to follow. The first few days alone received an enormous amount of applications and inquiries. All the extra effort to make a unique site pushed the envelope on how user experience for a career site can be built from scratch.