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Flipkart office Flipkart office Flipkart office Flipkart office Flipkart office

On 13, May 2014 | In | By adminrezonant

Flipkart office

The trick to the success of running a business, any business, is hiring the right employees. The other trick is to make sure that they are in a happy and productive work environment. Flipkart recently gave us an opportunity to make their already happy workplace, happier.

Gone are the days where clerks in thick glasses worked out of a room that was a cross between a dungeon and Anil Kapoor’s arm pit. The right environment ensures high levels of productivity. So, if the workers are happy, the work gets done well and gets done fast. Yes, we did think that a huge fridge full of beer and frozen chicken would do the trick and then the employees would be willing to work out of cardboard boxes, but the folks at Flipkart put that idea on the back-burner, thinking that they would use it if Microsoft bought Apple or some such calamity happened. Then, the distraught employees could definitely use a beer or two.

So, that is what Flipkart wanted us to do for their rockstars. We had to make sure all the Clark Kents that they had, did display their Superman potential. Designing environment graphics (EG) is all about making the place you work, a cool place to work out of.

Designing the EG for Flipkart was all about making their office place cool. Just like that typical american teenager’s room that we all aspired to have with the Baywatch posters, basketball jerseys and the odd gameboy or two lying in the corner. After some thinking, we decided to create ‘Flipsters’. Flipsters personified the qualities that people working at Flipkart had. Such as being a team player, being experimental, being crazy and whacky, etc. Artwork was created and copy was written, where each Flipster represented a particular character trait. Apart from this, they also wanted text based EG for the entire office. For the text we decided to create some proverbs which had a Flipkart twist to it. Standard everyday proverbs, with slight changes to suit the Flipster psyche.

Design Approach
The Flipsters were all hand drawn by our illustrators. They were modeled after actual working Flipkart employees who got a huge kick out of our whacky illustrations when they were finally revealed to them. The Flipsters were shown as ordinary everyday looking people doing extra ordinary activities. The text that went with the illustrations was specially written to enhance the quality that the particular Flipster embodied.

The Flipster quotes and the art work today, adorn the Flipkart office. The quotes are also omnipresent on the walls of the office on all floors. We received a positive response on this project and were told that people were liking our work. Thank you Flipsters.