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Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates

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On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Brochure for Frangipani Country Estates

Aiming to shy away from the endless barrage of self proclaimed, “Own a house 10 minutes away from MG road” real estate projects , Frangipani gave us the perfect opportunity to try something truly classy and genuine compared to the hordes of uninteresting housing endeavors out there. The task was to create a brochure highlighting the joys of living amidst nature on the periphery of the city. Not to mention the behemoth size of each plot at Frangipani.

In a city that is becoming more claustrophobic everyday, the logic of investing heaps of money for a pigeon coop so that you can have the illusion of a grand life is a bit skewed. The idea behind Frangipani is to cater to the need of being connected to nature, a rare phenomenon in Bangalore, while still being connected to the city. Being ideally located at an optimum distance from the city center, Frangipani offers great, huge spaces to enjoy both the simplicity of living in the countryside and having all the latest modern amenities. Being connected to nature in the city refers to having a few chunks of neon green lawns and a tree that has far surpassed three or more generations, not to mention that cute little bonzai at everyone’s cubicle, kept as a reassurance that there is life in this concrete jungle. This needed to change.

We were told that a new brochure was needed to effectively communicate the size, luxury and nature friendly attitude of Frangipani. Since the project was unique compared to other luxury projects, a brochure that reflected all its characteristics was required. The people who were going to read this brochure were going to be CEOs and other HNIs for whom good content and articulation are very important elements.

The idea came about creating a magazine inspired by popular architecture and lifestyle magazines from around the world. The magazine was named “Country Estates” to immediately convey what Frangipani was. It also gave the reader a sense of grandeur. The idea was to appeal to people based on intellect, design and factual guidance rather than having glitzy campaign that only skimmed through the concept.
Design Approach
“Country Estates” effectively communicates, with content that is broken down into different articles, reviews and interviews to emulate the reading experience a person gets from going through a lifestyle magazine, the joys of living at Frangipani. The design aspects supported the content by visually reinforcing the “green” factor juxtaposed with some visuals of a cramped, crowded Bangalore.

The brochure/magazine was given huge accolades and received a lot of praise from the targeted audience. This 70 page magazine not only served its dedicated purpose, but also proved to be a benchmark in the country in the way a brochure can effectively encapsulate all the nuances of the project, not to mention convincingly portray why anyone should live here. The icing on the cake was the bookmark in the magazine with a quote from Robert Frost that contained seeds from the trees found at Frangipani.