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Hub 6 Branding

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Hub 6 Branding

Branding a real estate project in an unfamiliar city is a lot like building a house of cards. You need to be patient, precise and careful because one wrong move can bring everything crashing down. The first step in such cases is to understand the target audience – after all, you’re in alien territory!

The city you live in plays a fairly major role in shaping who you are, the way you think and what you value. This is probably why people generally crinkle their noses at Delhi folk. Our client was building an integrated township on the outskirts of Chennai and required a brand identity for the entire property. Considering that this was the first project that the client was setting up in Chennai, creating a brand identity that the citizens could easily relate to, was crucial. The identity also had to cater to new citizens of Chennai – people who have moved there in the last few years.

We were required to create a brand identity for DivyaSree’s new integrated township on the outskirts of Chennai. The township would have everything that its residents could possible need, from world-class infrastructure to entertainment and shopping facilities, the township would have it all. The identity involved coming up with a name for the entire project and a logo.

Research suggested that the name of the project must be modern, while making a strong connect with Chennai. It also suggested that when it comes to property, the people of Chennai look for the following when it comes to buying a home:

A better lifestyle
Land that will appreciate
Technologically advanced
Relaxation opportunities
A sense of culture

Apart from addressing these elements, the name also had to differentiate the township from other, similar projects in the area. After running through a long list of names, the one that was chosen was Hub 6 – with 6 being the Chennai pin code. The tagline that was created for the township was Unfold Life.

In order to show people how exactly people can unfold their lives at Hub 6, we created 6 sub-hubs, each with a tagline of their own. They were as follows:

Lifestyle Hub – Lifestyle Unfolds Here.
Leisure Hub – Leisure Unfolds Here.
Green Hub – Greenery Unfolds Here.
Technology Hub – Technology Unfolds Here.
Culture Hub – Culture Unfolds Here.
Value Hub – Value Unfolds Here.

Design Approach
The logo was kept simple and classy. It read Hub 6, but we combined the b of Hub and the number 6, to form Hu6. The different sub-hubs were represented by different colours. The logo was a mix of the different colours.

Hub 6 was well received by the public. The fact that it had a unique identity, when compared to its competitors, was something that wasn’t just recognized, but it had been praised as well.