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Hub 6 – Case Study

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Hub 6 – Case Study

Advertising a residential project in a city that you aren’t very familiar with is like walking on thin ice. You have to carefully watch every step you take. Most residential projects draw attention to themselves by citing common problems with most existing residential establishments. However, when you’re advertising a project that will only exist in the future, it becomes important to foresee what problems the city could face in the years to come and use them to draw attention to your project.

Like most things in this world, cities also get worn down. Over time, they become congested, infrastructure begins to get outdated and the city has to adjust itself accordingly. What is considered prime property today will not necessarily remain so, after a decade.
Today’s quiet neighbourhoods could eventually become the victims of commercialization. It was this fact that we drew inspiration from, while coming up with our campaign.

We were required to come up with an advertising campaign for Hub 6 – a new integrated township on the outskirts of Chennai, in an area called New Chennai. The campaign was required to inform people of Phase 1 of Hub 6’s offering, which offered residential plots for sale. Convincing people to invest in property that they wouldn’t be using anytime soon can be quite dicey. It’s like saying, “Look boss, your city is going to the dogs, so you better start pulling your damn socks up!” Only, it has to be said in a much nicer manner.

People are generally very cranky and they do NOT like being talked down to. The moment they sense a sermon coming, they tune out and switch off, even if what’s being told to them is extremely valid. In the case of Hub 6, we had to tell people to consider the future of their family and invest without coming off as lecturers.

Instead, what we did was imagine the future of Chennai. We looked ahead about fifty years. We proposed that in this time, the Chennai that people know today would no longer exist. We looked at the city from the perspective of its future residents, whom we called New Chennaiites. We had a billboard campaign that expressed the opinions of these New Chennaiites – which revolved around the fact that the most happening places in the Chennai today, would not be as relevant tomorrow. We then made the Hub 6 connect by saying that it was the true home of the New Chennaiite.

Design Approach
The billboards were of people’s faces, along with an imagined quote from them. We used faces that the people of Chennai could identify with and relate to.

Phase 1 of Hub 6 was received fairly well. Most importantly, the idea of the New Chennaiite was scalable to Hub 6’s other phases as well and it served as a base for a much grander campaign.