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Hub 6 Environmental Graphics Hub 6 Environmental Graphics Hub 6 Environmental Graphics

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Hub 6 Environmental Graphics

This design exercise involved creating the environmental graphics and signage for Hub6, a real estate project in Chennai.

A good set of environmental graphics must engage with viewers and at the same time, educate them about the space. It must provoke thought and leave a lasting impression in the viewers mind. This generally means a good balance of graphics and text. However, some spaces operate very differently from others and appropriate environmental graphics could differ greatly.

Creating environmental graphics in an office space or for a pub/restaurant are fairly straightforward. They can be intricate and detailed, simply because people spend a lot of time in these spaces and have plenty of opportunities to look round. However, some spaces are very different and people don’t spend all the much time there. In such cases, the graphics must make an impact very quickly.

We were required to create environmental graphics for the point office Hub 6 – a Chennai-based urban township by Divyasree Developers. The space is located at the site of Hub 6 – on the outskirts of Chennai – and is visited by interested customers who either go in to buy property or make an inquiry. Since this was Divyasree’s first step into Chennai, they wanted to educate viewers about their company.

We went back to the drawing board…literally! To give viewers an idea of the scale and track record of Divyasree, we created The World of Divyasree. We created a cityscape of ALL of Divyasree’s projects and put them on the walls of the office. This way, when people walked in, they were almost literally in the Divyasree world.

Design Approach
The cityscape was created using line drawings and the graphics were likened to drawings in a sketchbook.

We also had a History Wall – which chronicled the growth of Divyasree and highlighted its biggest achievements

The graphics proved to be successful and visitors were sufficiently informed of Divyasree’s reputation. Today, Hub 6 is growing bigger and is presently going into it’s second phase of development.