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Environmental Graphics for ICICI Lombard Environmental Graphics for ICICI Lombard Environmental Graphics for ICICI Lombard

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Environmental Graphics for ICICI Lombard

ICICI-Lombard is one of the biggest, fastest growing, general insurance companies in India. Their approach towards business and their growth is focused and aggressive. Being a general insurance company, they deal with health, motor, home and corporate insurance. They also tie up with the government for certain contracts.

Their most recent government contract dealt with people such as farmers and other workers/labourers living in villages and rural areas. Basically the kind of people and areas which people in the west stereotype us with. That is their version of “Real India”. So, the contract covered a huge number of people across the entire country. The government paid the premium for these people and ICICI-Lombard provided them with insurance.

ICICI-Lombard did a lot of ground work for this project. They had to send their people to the interior-most regions of our country. They faced fundamental problems such as not being able to charge their electronic appliances without which it would take forever to get the work done. In spite of all these difficulties, they spoke to 3 crore people all across the country and provided insurance for them.
Now, providing monetary help to all these people in their times of need was a hugely expensive task. So, they decided to educate the people about nutrition, good health and general family welfare. The thought behind this being, no one would want to fall sick just to get treated for free.

We had to provide environmental graphics for their flagship office based on the work they had done for the rural areas of our country. The graphics had to depict the goal, the approach and the work done. Also, since these graphics were going to be long-term, we had to make sure that people would not get bored of seeing it everyday. Everybody from customers to top-level managerial employees frequent this office quite often.
So we decided to approach the interior design like an art form. Like a painting for aesthetic purposes. But, there would be meaning to the art. The art would depict the painstaking efforts taken by the ICICI-Lombard team in executing this project and also the various programs and plans implemented by them for the people in this insurance program.

Design Approach
The challenge as mentioned earlier was to attain that perfect balance between fulfilling the purpose that is functionality and design aesthetics. The design had to catch the eye and yet not be distracting, it had to be unique but could not become an eye sore for the regulars. It had to be riveting and yet it had to blend in. After much discussion and back and forth between our team and theirs we finally decided to go with the current design.
The current design, is a black and white collage of different images which represent the various initiatives taken by the team for the insured people. They provided health and nutrition camps, medical awareness and education, fitness and yoga seminars, care for pregnant women, and much more. So all that was depicted in these wall graphics at their flagship office. The style adopted by our designers took influence from ancient Indian sketching styles and added a nice ‘Desi’ feel to the entire wall. A caption based on the art work was written on the right hand corner of the wall and underneath was space for an LCD television which would show related videos continuously. These televisions were controlled by a remote server so they could be controlled from anywhere at all.

ICICI-Lombard has been one of our most successful environmental graphics campaigns to date. It was highly appreciated within their office and it’s staff and also by people and customers visiting the office. The upper echelons of ICICI have also expressed positive views to our work in their office. It has become a much talked about office graphic set in the industry circle.