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Branded Art for ICICI Lombard Branded Art for ICICI Lombard Branded Art for ICICI Lombard

By adminrezonant

On 17, May 2014 | In | By adminrezonant

Branded Art for ICICI Lombard

ICICI-Lombard is one of the biggest, fastest growing, general insurance companies in India. Their approach towards business and their growth is focused and aggressive. Being a general insurance company, they deal with health, motor, home and corporate insurance. They also tie up with the government for certain contracts.

Their most recent government contract dealt with people such as farmers and other workers/labourers living in villages and rural areas. Basically the kind of people and areas which people in the west stereotype us with. That is their version of “Real India”. So, the contract covered a huge number of people across the entire country. The government paid the premium for these people and ICICI-Lombard provided them with insurance.

For their office project, we created a series of custom-made Branded Art pieces that told their story through hand-drawn illustrations.

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Here are some of the art pieces from the set. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.