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Menu design for Stomp Menu design for Stomp Menu design for Stomp Menu design for Stomp Menu design for Stomp Menu design for Stomp

By adminrezonant

On 11, Jun 2015 | In | By adminrezonant

Menu design for Stomp

Inspiration for the menu card design for Stomp, a Bangalore watering hole came from the humble vinyl (now highly revered and treasured in today’s digital world). A few quick trips to Chickpet confirmed that old vinyl records were available a dime a dozen.

After that, it was a question of finding the right production partner to do the gruesome task of chopping apart the vinyl records into two neat halves, and figuring out how to bind them along with the menu cards.

Here’s how one can go about designing a fancy menu card at non-fancy production prices:

  1. Look out for a cultural connect to the restaurant. In this case music was the connect.
  2. Translate that connect into a material or object that could become the cover for the menu. In this case, we conveniently got the most convenient material – vinyl records.
  3. Do a few checks for practicality and workability. This is generally painful but with a bit of perseverance and by following the adage ‘Patience pays’, things generally work out.
  4. Do a mockup and discuss with client, so that everyone’s expectations are aligned.
  5. Solve a restaurant’s common menu problem – change of food, by using a design which can accommodate additional cards or change of cards.
  6. Get the content spruced up  and produce.