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Menu for Blimey Menu for Blimey Menu for Blimey

By adminrezonant

On 10, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Menu for Blimey

In the course of his/her life a person looks at thousands and thousands of different menus. From restaurants to barbershops, people are incessantly being bombarded with menus. Even you, dear reader, will not be able to count the number of menus that you’ve encountered. It’s an unending array! But how many of those menus do you actually remember? Considering the fact that almost every customer in a pub/restaurant ends up looking at the menu, it serves as an ideal medium for brand reinforcement.

While designing a menu, one is bound by a few rules. It has to be easily readable, even in low light. The text has to be spaced well and the font has to be highly legible. Apart from these basic rules, however, the sky’s the limit.

In the case of a pub whose branding is focused on wit and humour, it becomes hugely important that the menu leaves a lasting impression on the customers.

We were required to design food and beverage menus for Blimey – A Bangalore-based Irish-themed pub. Blimey is a pub that promises to give it’s patrons a Blimey Moment – something that will take their minds away from their routines. The menus had to follow the same theme. It had to give them a Blimey Moment.

Keeping with the philosophy of the pub, we took the route of wit and humour while describing the various categories and items that were offered to customers. However, we did not think that this was enough to create a Blimey Moment. So we took it one step further and we altered the very shape of the menu, making sure that people were caught off guard from the moment they laid eyes on it.

Design Approach
We kept is really simple. The food menu was regularly shaped and it was enclosed in wood. With the beverage menu however, we enclosed it in a wooden bottle, ensuring that it would stick in people’s heads.

The menus were a huge hit. Customers especially appreciated the wooden bottle and they expressed this on the Internet as well. Today, Blimey is one of the most popular pubs in Bangalore.