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Brand Identity for Moscow Mule Brand Identity for Moscow Mule Brand Identity for Moscow Mule Brand Identity for Moscow Mule Brand Identity for Moscow Mule Brand Identity for Moscow Mule

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Brand Identity for Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is a Russian themed pub in Bangalore. We had to create something distinctly different from the numerous pubs, bars and watering holes in the city. We had to take a lot of places into account, from ‘Nandhini’s high class bar & restaurant’ to the more popular places, quite a few among them for which we were responsible for brand identities, naming and themed design.

Our brief was to create a stylish, handy menu card and similar themed package invite for Moscow Mule bar and grill in Bangalore. We also had to create a mascot that would generate buzz and catch the eye of anybody who visited the pub. We could have just hired the ubiquitous ‘dhobi’s donkeys’ to welcome the guests. But, somehow we didn’t feel that would generate the right mood and ambience.

The objective was to create everything from the mascot to the menu cards that would stay in the mind of the customer. Ones that he/she would love to take pictures of and post online and tag the universe. Considering that pictures of a shirtless Lalu Prasad Yadav are doing the rounds now, our bar was set pretty high.

The idea was to look out for a differentiator and then as the mascot idea took roots in the designer’s mind, we decided to take it all the way.
For the mascot, we decided to create a character that would symbolize what exactly the pub stood for. He would be of Russian origin. We decided to go with ‘Harry the Commander’, a revolutionary mule from Moscow, teaching us Bangaloreans the way to party.
For the menu card we decided to make two sets of them. One for the food menu and another for the beverages menu. The menu cards were to be styled along the theme – “Passport to good times”.
For the invite, we wanted something that people would remember for a long time to come. Something they would want to treasure as a memento. We decided to go with a direct physical mailer to each of the guests on the invite list.

Design Approach
The mascot, “Harry the Commander” was designed as a bad-ass commander of the army. In complete resplendent military uniform, his signature goatee and rockstar aviators, he was hard to miss and harder to forget.
The menu was designed as a passport sized book printed and embossed in the way a normal passport would be. Along with providing the necessary information, the menu also describes Harry and who he is.
The invite was a box with a hand drawn sketch of Moscow on the front, containing a small vial of vodka packaged with brand messaging and styled the Russian way.

There has been great appreciation for everything from the mascot to the menu cards. People visit the bar and take numerous pictures with Harry and the menu cards have been liked so much the people pocket them as a souvenir. Sometimes, design works in a way it is not intended to.