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Primus by Mantri Developers Primus by Mantri Developers Primus by Mantri Developers

By Pranav Rezonant

On 23, Nov 2016 | In | By Pranav Rezonant

Primus by Mantri Developers

Primus by Mantri Developers is a brand focused on providing sexagenarians in the country access to luxury senior living. The brand aims to enable seniors to live their lives to the fullest.  At Primus, residents do not have to do any chores at all.

They are also provided with a whole host of health, entertainment and security facilities. Our objectives were to provide positioning, engagement, direct marketing and communication for advertising.



In India, the words ‘old age’ and ‘retirement’ are surrounded by a lot of stigma. Unlike other countries, in India, as people get older they assume that they are going to be completely taken care of by their children and hence they fail to plan for their old age. People who are sixty today, were never prepared for the possibility that they would ever have to live alone after retirement. For children, asking their parents to live in any assisted living facility becomes very difficult because of the stigma and pressure from society’s perception that they are ‘abandoning’ their parents.

Strategy & Positioning
With every project what works best is a combination of insight + research. Rezonant spent a lot of time meeting seniors from different parts of the country and talking to them. What we learnt was :

“I don’t want to be dependent on anyone for the rest of my life”
– As told to Rezonant  by a 64 year old housewife

– Like our initial insight, we needed to stay away from the words ‘old age’, ‘retirement’,  ‘assisted living’.
– We needed to position Primus as an upmarket and fun solution to a big problem
– We needed to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and be super again

Hence the positioning, ‘Super at Sixty’.



Visual Strategy
Rezonant’s visual strategy was to ensure that everything created was upbeat and fun. We wanted to show existing challenges in a positive way. This resulted in the creation of a 100 custom created situational cartoons and a lifestyle photo shoot by our own art-director with a guerrilla crew of 3. The same strategy was followed on social media where we employed as ‘teaser and reveal’ method of creating a buzz around Brand Primus.



Lead generation
The assets we created for direct marketing were to be put in use. The first campaign we launched was ‘Super at Sixty’.  Here, we used a teaser and reveal campaign to generate some curiosity.

Pictures of the ‘Super at Sixty’ ad campaign

During our research, we also identified that there were a large number of stereotypes around old age. We wanted to bust these too.

“After people reach a certain age, all they want to do is go to the temple”
– Random yet popular stereotype around old age

So, we had another campaign centred around busting these stereotypes.

To boost engagement we worked on:
– A complete project brochure positioned ‘Super at Sixty’ where we compare ordinary lives of seniors to the lives of the ‘super’ lives of seniors at Primus
– A book on common FAQs that people might ask about Primus
– A personalised invite from existing residents of Primus to TA
– A whole set of emailers that the client could send to people all over the city informing them about the Primus lifestyle, offers, events and more.
– Display panels for their site office, HQ and various events.

Activation and events
On a phone call between us and the client, our CD suggested that Primus do certain senior specific events in the city to spread the word about Primus and its offerings. This event would
– Boost sales
– Increase knowledge about the brand
– Give the brand a chance to directly interact with the TA

Hence, the ‘Luxury Senior Living Event’ was born.


Primus is on its way to becoming a clear leader in the luxury senior living space in local markets. Since our first interaction more than 40 units of Primus Homes have been sold and over 1500 leads have been generated.