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Year-end gift for Rezonant clients Year-end gift for Rezonant clients Year-end gift for Rezonant clients Year-end gift for Rezonant clients Year-end gift for Rezonant clients Year-end gift for Rezonant clients

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Year-end gift for Rezonant clients

On a fine winter evening sometime in late 2012, our designers sat down to exercise their minds over a little-big thing. What to give as a gift to all our clients. Calendar – NO, cheesy gifts with branding – NO, Self-improvement books – NO. We had to think of something which clients would instantly relate to.

We wanted to bring a smile to the clients who were given this gift. It had to be unique and different. We could have given a lifetime subscription to ‘Playboy Magazine’ and I am sure it would have been appreciated by our clients (I hear they give ‘group’ discounts) but somehow we moved past that thought…with great difficulty.

We finally decided to go with a diary for our clients. It sounds mundane, yes we agree. To make this diary unique and special firstly we decided that it would be made out of recycled paper ( Yes Green Peace, global warming, deforestation and all that). Second, we came up with the theme for the diary and it’s name.
“Pandora’s book of Clients” was the name that was finalised. It was quirky and had the ‘Pandora’s box’ reference to it in terms of the ‘evil clients’ theme that we had adopted. We came up with 5 types of clients that design agencies ‘love to hate’ (keeping someone specific in mind for each character, no we won’t tell who they are) and wrote a one page write-up about these clients.

Design Approach
The diary was going to be made of re-cycled paper. That much had been decided. The design approach taken by our designers involved visually creating illustrations for the characters that had been written about and named. It was quite the challenge, because it had to have an equal balance of humour and reality.

The final book that came out was highly appreciated by our clients and everybody who saw it. The content brought a smile to everybody’s face and the illustrations worked wonders to complement the cleverly written copy. The best part was, when our clients read it, they laughed harder than necessary just to prove that they do not fit the bill.