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Smondoville Branding

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Smondoville Branding

The world of advertising has been often criticized for being in the business of lies and people do not generally hesitate to bash advertisers by calling them con men. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely false and a considerable chunk of Advertising is mostly BS.

It’s unfortunate that advertising can misinform and make them spend money on things they don’t need and it’s more unfortunate that this happens rather frequently. However, there are those one off cases when we have a great product to sell. In such cases, the best path to take is most direct one.

One of the common problems of working professionals is finding an affordable home. Especially in a city like Bangalore, where land prices easily double within a year, being able to find a home that is functional and at the same time elegant, is an extremely tedious task. So when a residential project comes along that appears to be a diamond amidst all the coal, it’s important to be as clear as possible with the communication. There must be no room for doubt in the reader’s head.

We were required to come up with an advertising campaign Smondoville – a residential project in Bangalore that offered homes to people at extremely reasonable prices. What’s more, the homes were well-designed and had been crafted to maximize the use of space and make for very comfortable living. The highlight of the project was that it was part of an integrated township that had everything, from schools to entertainment facilities. – something that none of the other projects in the city had at the time.The task at hand was to inform people about this great project.

The idea was simple. We took the features of the project – the fact that shopping, schools, healthcare, entertainment etc were all next door and we presented them to the viewer as the aspirations of people in Bangalore. By doing this, it almost appears as if the individual wants the impossible – which is then clarified by the rest of the ad – it is not impossible at all!

Design Approach
The ads had pictures of people that the target audience could identify with. The layouts were kept neat and simple. The content was kept crisp and to the point.

Smondoville sold out very quickly and it was soon followed by more phases. Presently, Smondo 4.0 – the fourth phase of the Smondo is being launched. The value of the apartments have also appreciated greatly (over 200%) and last year, the Smondo was introduced to Hyderabad as well.