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Brand Identity for Stomp Brand Identity for Stomp Brand Identity for Stomp Brand Identity for Stomp

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Brand Identity for Stomp

Bangalore is known as the Pub city for good reason. The number of pubs the city has is staggering. From “Rajesh whisgey house” to the famous ones in big hotels and popular areas. The youth brigade is spoilt for choice and thus quite choosy and demanding.

The challenge therefore was to make the pub cooler and hepper and unique in its identity when compared to the hundred other places out there. I agree, we could have done this by just putting Justin Bieber’s face on the beer mugs, but sadly 12 year old girls are not allowed to visit pubs. So, every step taken had to be well planned and thought out. A huge buzz had to be created especially because the location was the heart of the IT area which is Whitefield, but it is otherwise at quite a distance from the majority of Bangaloreans.

The objective was to create a unique brand identity for the pub. This included coming up with a name, logo, and brand philosophy. This pub primarily targeted the people working in the various IT companies in and around Whitefield. The idea was to create a place where they could come and unwind after a hard day in the IT world.

The name that we came up with was “Stomp”. Stomp was the ideal name for the pub because of the common and widespread practice where the audience ‘Stomps’ along with the band during concerts all over the world. Thus the ‘Rock Pub’ angle was covered. Stomp is also a word and action that signifies getting what you want. There was a rebellious tinge to it. Considering the number of Che Guevara t-shirts selling like hot cakes on Brigade road this was definitely the way forward.

Design Approach
Because, music was such a big part of the theme of the pub, the Stomp logo is designed keeping the electric guitar in mind and the logo is shaped so. The colour tone given suited the shape of the logo and the final logo looked edgy, memorable and quite bad-ass!

Everything from the name to the logo was greatly appreciated. The pub now has a huge crowd of regulars who stomp there every other day. It has become the most happening place in Whitefield.