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Townsville Case Study

By adminrezonant

On 11, Dec 2013 | In | By adminrezonant

Townsville Case Study

‘Luxury Living’ is the most used term in Bangalore when it comes to real estate at the moment. It has reached a saturation point where the target audience does not even bother to read or acknowledge the term. It is treated with the same disdain as a politician’s promise. But, luxury living and a unique lifestyle was what the brand was offering, so the key was to make people appreciate true luxury living and the finer aspects of the high life being provided at Townsville.

Advertising for up-market builders in Bangalore, especially with the condition of the real estate market at the time was quite the challenge. People had to be made to move past the cost and fall in love with the various amazing perks and benefits of the Townsville townhome.

Neotown Bangalore was known only for their earlier offering which was ‘Smondoville’. Smondos were Smart Condominiums aimed at young people who wanted to be house owners. They were priced very reasonably.
Now this was what had to be changed. People had to stop associating Neotown with budget homes alone. Townsville was primarily targeted at higher-ups in the software industry who could afford an EMI of a lakh or so a month.

A basic question had to be asked before we began advertising, ‘Why Townsville?’.
What was different in Townsville from the dozen other projects out there in the same price range? What do people look for in a house?

There are a lot of people who just want a ‘roof above their head and nothing else’. But, they exist only in B-grade Bollywood movies. So to attract a real buyer of today, we had to think like him. Today, a home is a status symbol, a haven of peace from strenuous work lives, a party pad on weekends, a place to wow your guests and a place to explore your various hobbies and interests.

Phase 1 – Campaign 1
So we studied the Townsville Townhome and found many such features which a house owner would be proud of and which are not there in other projects. Our initial advertisements had a negative twist to them while extolling the virtues of Townsville.
For example – “ Too bad, you will have to stow away your brand new gaming console.”
This was to say that Townsville has open playing areas, game rooms and a full size swimming pool for kids to play in rather than sit in front of the TV.

Phase 2 – Campaign 2
Our second approach was, “Investing vs Spending – 20 Questions you must ask yourself before buying a home.”
This concept revolved around the special aspects of the townhome and a question based on them.
For Example – “Q#8 – Does your home have a private garden?”
This was followed by a tag line which encouraged interested parties to log on to the website to see the other questions. On the website there was a questionnaire that would record the answers given by the people taking the test.

Design Approach

The various advertisements had actual pictures taken at the model townhome at Townsville and not artist impressions which helped the buyer to visualize the place better. Each picture had a question next to it ( The 20Q approach ). This made the buyer stop and think before investing in a property and that was the goal with the “Investing vs Spending” strategy.


The advertisements ran full page and half page in respected newspapers like the Times of India and DNA. The 20Q approach was much appreciated and a lot of buzz was generated around the questionnaire on the website of Townsville.