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By adminrezonant

Ajeesh Mappidechery

On 19, May 2015 | In | By adminrezonant

Visual Thinker

Old Rezonant saying: You can set the time by checking when Ajeesh reaches office.

In another life, Ajeesh could have been the principal of a school. At 9 AM sharp, he is in the office and on top of his work. Extremely conscientious and responsible, this agency veteran sets an example for everyone in the office. An aspiring chef in his youth, he has worked in a 3 star hotel as a sous chef, before realising his true calling.

Hailing from Kasarkod, a small village on the border of Kerala and Karnataka, Ajeesh moved to Bangalore after completing a course in Graphic Design. He worked in several companies before he came across Rezonant. He joined us in 2010 and since then his creative contributions have been consistent. Ajeesh approaches all work assigned to him with the same dedication and honesty. It doesn’t matter if it is a colleague asking him to touch-up a picture to make it Facebook/Whats-App DP worthy or it is an advertisement in the newspaper for a client, Ajeesh will treat it just the same and finish it to perfection.

Constantly muttering under his breath about the vendors he is dealing with and the myriad requests of his clients, Ajeesh doesn’t breathe easy until his work is done.

In his opinion,
His best quality:
Hardwork and dedication
His worst quality: Being shy and overly sensitive