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By adminrezonant

Anusha M

On 30, May 2014 | In | By adminrezonant

Brand Associate

I believe that the cycle is the perfect mode of transport. It does not cause any form of pollution, will help you stay fit and reduces traffic jams. The above description sounds ancient, but even today there are a lot of people commuting daily on cycles. I am part of a new breed of city cyclists who are out to make a change. I’m able to travel from home to office within record time, and I have to thank my cycle for it.

My boon to commuting in the city is the design of my cycle. With an alloy frame, it is designed to be lighter, thus enabling me to go faster or easily lift it to cross the road. It is designed to have 21 gears, so I have a wide variety of speeds to choose from – whether I’m pedaling uphill the flyover, or cruising across the ring road. With slim tyres, my cycle is designed for the city’s tarmac and the occasional weekend adventure. A good design can give you the advantage of speed and efficiency, and I’m not just talking about cycles.

By using this opportunity of interning at a design firm, I am able to better appreciate how design can give brands an edge. It has been an enlightening experience, and one that will make a lasting impact in my career.

Anusha M – Intern, IIM Indore, 2014

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