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By adminrezonant

Vibeesh Thaiparampil Chellapan

On 19, May 2015 | In | By adminrezonant

Visual Thinker

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if this man paints on walls and streets all over the city. He cannot be stopped.

Note to disclaimer: However, it might be a good idea to let him do it. Better than the standard “Dimple: 9894123412, Rs.500” that we see on public walls anyway.

Vibeesh became a part of Team Rezonant in 2013. He belongs to Kazarcod, a small town in Kerala. He did not realise that he had the skill or the talent for art until very late in his life. Thinking that his forte’ was mathematics and finance, he pursued a B.Com degree after his 12th standard. During the course of his degree he started receiving appreciation from all corners for his art. He then met up with an artist locally who inspired him to pursue another under graduate course in fine arts at Thrissur.

Vibeesh’s passion is painting and illustrations. He wants his art to reach the world and impact the world in a good positive way, not like Kamaal R Khan’s pointless existence. His goal is to break bridges between his two passions that are painting and illustration. His biggest learning at Rezonant has been how to merge his craft with the requirement of the brand. Here is to hoping that Vibeesh achieves all that he sets out to!

In his opinion,
His best quality:
His positive attitude
His worst quality: Being extremely lazy