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By adminrezonant

Vinayak Baby

On 19, May 2015 | In | By adminrezonant

Visual Thinker

Warning: Stories of magic, folklore and wizardry given below. Not for the fainthearted.

Legend has it, that a male child born in Kottayam during a hot summer will go on to become one of the greatest magicians the world has ever seen. He will be able to do many miracles like make food appear on empty plates, change the appearance of people, create a lush green forest out of a barren desert and a whole multitude of such feats. His greatest instrument will be a foreign one, something that can only be handled by a select few.

We at Rezonant firmly feel that this person is our very own Vinayak, and his chosen weapon of great potency is Adobe Photoshop. Hailing from the small town of Kottayam in Kerala, Vinayak started off with his foray into art at a very early age. Interested in nature and observant even as a child, he would sketch and draw whatever he saw. This transformed into a keen interest in realism later in his life. Vinayak has explored many different aspects of design and art ranging from sketching and painting to a stint at a studio designing wedding albums. Today, he is our resident magician, who can take any image and turn it on its head and make it dance the bhangra. His contributions to the company are impactful and numerous.

Fun fact: Sometimes, we go on photo shoots and are not able to get some pictures exactly how we want them. Sometimes it is the weather, the lighting or just a new photographer that we are dealing with. We don’t get frustrated or tense because we know that when we head back to office with the pictures, Vinayak hai na!

In his opinion,
His best quality:
His helping nature. Anyone can ask him for help at any time.
His worst quality: Being shy and an introvert