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By adminrezonant

Yoshitha Chintaginjala

On 30, May 2014 | In | By adminrezonant

Brand Associate

This is not a confession and I’m no shopaholic. But here you are reading the words of a typical someone who loves to shop. Every time I walk through the large number of shops in a mall, even with no intention to enter one of those air conditioned rooms with pretty sales girls and pleasant smiles, more often than not I find a dressed up mannequin or a pair of shoes grabbing my attention. A moment of thought tells me that it is the design of the piece which makes eyes turn, more than anything else.

This is no stereotyping, but being a woman, I admit that I can sometimes spend hours on making a decision. Yes I look at the price, brand and a lot of other aspects while buying something but every time I end up not being able to decide on one out of the many things I like, the ultimate tiebreaker is always design. Whether I buy a suit from Marks and Spencer, a pair of shoes from Tresmode or sunglasses from Ray-ban, it is because each of these has few of the best designs.

Interning in a design firm has thus helped me discover design in many aspects of everyday life. It has given me a new perspective of design and a new outlook towards management.

Yoshitha, Intern, IIM Indore, 2014

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