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We host collaborative workshops from time to time at our office. These involve bringing together different professionals from diverse fields to share unique experiences, skills or knowledge.

Environmental Graphics Design Asia


The EGDA workshop is one of the niche workshops in the design industry that we organize quarterly. These sessions would serve as a platform to learn more about environmental graphics. Each session would have speakers from well-established firms who are experts in the field. The workshop is based in Bangalore, which will be scaled to other major cities in India within a few months.

What to expect?

This workshop introduces you to the nuances of environmental graphics and gives you tips on improving the visual appeal of your projects. The workshop also gives you insights on how environmental graphics can help you in shaping a sense of place. Through this workshop, you will get to learn about various design approaches and their aesthetic implications on your surroundings.

Who can attend?

Architects, Interior Designers and Project Managers


Improvement of your projects through graphic designs. Added value to your projects. Opportunity to interact with the best minds in the industry.

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The world is flat, as business gurus have concluded. As the competition grows fierce, companies have learnt that ‘Differentiation’ is the key to customer satisfaction. ‘Customer is God’, and the fate of your company rests on how your services create an impact. In the entire experience of customer interaction, we claim that taking a closer look at the ‘Touchpoints’ and designing your services can get the ball in your court.

What to expect?

While we examine the details and show you how to refine them, designing your strategy keeping the touchpoints in mind will translate into a better experience for your customers. When the ‘Moment of Truth’ arrives, our workshop intends to make your customers happier! It will also help you ask the right questions to your clients so that you can deliver in record time. This workshop will help participants understand the touchpoint ecosystem for their brands and understand the impact of design at these touchpoints.We intend to explore this topic in the context of different sectors like Hospitality, Banking, IT, Retail and e-Commerce.

Who can attend?

Members of the management who interact with Clients, PR teams, Sales and Marketing teams, Customer service design teams


Easy-to-implement frameworks and Toolkits. To-do list for seamless integration. Opportunity to interact with the best minds.

Employer Branding Lab

Every seasoned company out there has at some point in their lifetime learnt one important lesson. It is important to continuously engage current and potential employees. This workshop brings learnings over the last decade and drives on predictions over the next on the future of the employer brand.

What to expect?

Get exposed to all that it takes to roll-out a successful employer brand strategy and implement it at the ground level. Learn about managing expectations of different stakeholders and the different partners in this Eco-system. Help understand how frameworks are created to sustain external and internal communications. Last, but not the least, understand via case studies, the fine nuances that bring about a successful marketing communications material implementation.

Who can attend?

CEOs, Human Resources personnel, Customer service representatives, Employee relation executives


Understand techniques for employer brand positioning. Construct frameworks for effective communication. Leverage tool-kits and checklists for enhancing your employer brand through design.