ARD Estates, a mid-sized Hyderabad based real estate developer was coming up with new projects in Mysuru and nearby areas. Rezonant helped them develop a visual and communication strategy that enabled them to come to the attention of their customer segment and make their mark in the Mysuru market.

Establishing a new brand in a competetive market is always a challenge. 

Apart from highlighting the ideal location of the property, we created visual assets that broke the real estate clutter and created a buzz. 

The Location Experience 

Before selling the property it was important to highlight the features of the city and the vicinity. We adopted a three-pronged strategy: 
1. Your ideal home: This marketed the home as a great place for families to stay and thrive. 
2. Your vacation home: This highlighted the easy to access 'getaway' spots from the property that made homes there ideal vacation homes. 
3. An investment: Spotlight on Mysuru as an up and coming city with a growing market and infrastructure. 

The tagline: Built With Heart was our way of differentiating a boutique
real estate developer like ARD from the mass builders out there.
Every project, every home at ARD was 'Built With Heart'. 

The logo we created was inspired from an actual age old tree found on the site in Mysuru


The Lifestyle Experience

The lifestyle at Sylvan Greens was very outdoor centric. The property had plenty of open space planned, there were many camping spots in driving distance, there was a lot of space for kids to play. We chose to highlight this presence of space and greenery with custom visuals crafted by hand in the 'paper cutout' format. 

As a first step, the papercraft visual has been made in photoshop for giving the client a feel of the end result, before making the actual paper cut outs.

Our strategic advice to the client was to diversify their offering and allow prospective customers to choose between different options. Eventually customers at Sylvan Greens could choose between plots, villas and town homes. 

Our communication material highlighted the benefits, differences and key features of each lifestyle. 

Customer Experience / Stomp Pub

Brand Identity for Stomp

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