Blimey: Crafting the ‘Irish’ pub experience

Behind every drunken identity, is well-thought sobriety

Branding a high-end pub in a liquor-riddled city like Bangalore can be quite the challenge, especially when there’s so much competition around. It isn’t enough to simply come up with a catchy name and a logo.

Naming, theme conceptualisation, brand identity, awareness, pub graphics and product design. No, we couldn’t just call it Irish Wines Bar and Restaurant and put up pictures of Pamela Anderson. 

We began by asking ourselves a very basic question – Why do people visit pubs?  The answer: To enjoy themselves and to take a break from their hectic routines and this was the base we used to build the brand.

Blimey is an Irish exclamation of surprise. It was the ideal name because that’s exactly what it promised its patrons- an experience that would break the monotony of their day and take them by surprise. Everyone needs a Blimey moment. Everyone needs to go Blimey. If not, they become victims of their stress and they end up ruining their lives. 

The logo was inspired by traditional Irish Celtic knots and was designed in such a way that it reflected the high-end nature of the pub.

A campaign with a catchy slogan is what everyone wants. But when said slogan also has the name of the product (in this case, Blimey), then you know you’ve struck gold. Our ‘Go Blimey’ campaign hit the streets of Bangalore to much aplomb. Magazines and billboards alike, everyone wanted to ‘Go Blimey’!

Now that we had people who were interested in ‘going Blimey’ so to say, the pub itself had to stand out. The Irish theme was the starting point for everything. We created custom posters, maps, typography posters with puns and humour. We created a highly Instagram-able place in a pre-Instagram ‘#sundaybrunch’ world.


Product Design

We wanted everything about the pub to stand out. Posters and graphics were one thing, but taking forward the experience to signage and products was truly satisfying. 

Custom made wooden menus with unique illustrations, a bottle shaped drinks menu, a ‘smokin’ druid’ ash tray and Celtic weapons influenced signage wrapped up the experience nicely. 

The logo was greatly appreciated and the Blimey philosophy was something that everyone could relate to. The phrase go Blimey has become popular with Bangalore’s pub going crowd and the establishment is one of the city’s most talked about pubs.

Customer Experience / ARD Estates

Communication & design strategy for ARD Estates

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