Understanding a disease and creating communication tools that resonate and connect with the relevant target audience.

At the time, Diabetacare was a new entrant into the market. We had to establish know-how, expertise and trust. 

The market was cluttered with people offering everything from ‘radical’ overnight cures to established organisations offering similar services.

We understood diabetes. We understood what the disease meant, what it did and how it affected the lives of people living with it and their families. We understood that whatever we created had to have a solid emotional core. 

Understanding diabetes: Research and learning

We spent time with a lot of patients and understood diabetes. We learnt that diabetes as a disease doesn’t just affect the patient but also affects his/her family members deeply. As a patient, one can get deeply unsettled and end up ignoring what one holds important in life. 

As part of our research we not only spoke to patients but also Diabetacare’s team of highly qualified doctors and medical professionals who were extremely insightful. We learnt more about Diabetacare’s ‘Care + Technology’ approach that allows them to provide customers with round the clock care. 

‘Don’t miss out on life’ - The thought and the campaign

Based on our learning, we modeled our campaign on one thought: Don’t let your diabetes control your life. Don’t miss out on life because of diabetes. The idea was to tell customers that they could ‘outsource’ (so to say) their diabetes related worrying to Diabetacare while they lived a fulfilling stress free life.

We went with a teaser and reveal approach for the campaign: print, radio and billboards. The teaser message showed family members waiting for a missing person and the reveal showed how Diabetacare enabled the ‘missing’ people to get re-united with their family again. Rezonant conceptualised and executed a photoshoot for this purpose. 

Engaging doctors: The Doctor’s Kit 

Some of the most important people in the eco-system for Diabetacare were established doctors in the city. We designed a ‘doctor’s kit’ which helped partner doctors better understand Diabetacare. We also designed ‘custom art frames’ which explained do’s and don’ts for different types of diabetes patients. These frames were custom created and illustrated by our artists exclusively for Diabetacare. 

Creating visuals that resonate: The photoshoot 

Because the teaser and reveal approach had two different emotions at their cores, the photoshoot had to be crafted carefully keeping the other in mind. This project involved 2 photoshoots. One for the advertising creatives and the other for pictures to be used across all other collaterals. 

Next: Engagement 

As part of their engagement initiative we created a brochure and a set of emailers. The emailers created ranged from mailers welcoming new clients to mailers sent to existing clients on special occasions.

As a result, the brand was built through a combination of thought put into different fields. From lead generation activities like billboards, newspaper ads and radio spots to engagement assets and exercises, Diabetacare is well on its way into becoming known as a premium diabetes care provider in the city. We received special recognition for the doctor’s kit we created with several leading doctors displaying the frames prominently in their office. 

Customer Experience / Blimey Pub

Crafting the 'Irish Pub' experience

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