Making offices go ‘wild’

Discovery Village is a brand of corporate team building retreats with 4 properties spread across the south of India. Beautiful, scenic properties with expertly crafted group activities conducted by trained professionals are the major strengths of the brand. 

The brand, a start-up of sorts at the time, was competing with established hospitality heavyweights in the ‘corporate retreat’ and ‘experiential learning’ space.
Employers and HR Managers wanted to ensure that teams not just had fun but also benefited from the process.
The resorts also had to appeal to a family/weekend getaway audience.

We enabled teams and individuals alike to embrace their wild side.

The ‘Wild Offices’ Experience

Discovery Village had ‘wild’ locations; on the banks of a river, on the top of a hill, in a forest. We wanted to bring the office to the wild. Our campaign ‘Wild Offices’ showcased Discovery Village as a place where teams could go to let loose and go wild. Our art director turned photographer for this shoot and shot every single picture and activity at an actual Discovery location. 


The Wild Activities Experience

Our team engaged with Discovery instructors to understand the core of every activity and its desired outcome. We then strategically segregated their activities into 5 major buckets: Team building, collaboration, planning and communication, creativity, leadership and adventure. This segregation worked its way into other communication tools as a tagging system that enabled users to see the activity and understand which bucket it fit into. 

The ‘Weekend Getaway’ Experience

Discovery Village was primarily a corporate team building resort but also wanted to attract the family crowd. Our insight into the hospitality industry enabled us to advise them with regard to the structuring of their packages. We suggested to them to increase the flexibility of their packages and also allow people to visit their properties for a shorter duration. We also structured our photo shoot scenarios to increase relatability with the target audience. 

The ‘How To Get There’ Experience

Even with technology, resorts are hard to find. We visited each of the resorts and spoke to the local team and discovered that they were also facing the same problem. The local team at each resort were able to help us plot their property with noticeable landmarks and highlights that would help people find their way faster and easily. Our illustrator then used this information to create custom maps for each Discovery location. 


The 'Print Design' Experience

All the visual assets that were created were used extensively across their website and social media, but more importantly a brochure, 5 flyers, exhibition standees and many emailers. The brochure was designed as a 'single-issue magazine' which we hoped would break through the clutter and distinguish itself from yet another retreat. The magazine format opened a lot of doors for us and allowed us to play with content, art, layout and design. All art was custom created and illustrated. All pictures were conceptualized and shot by us at a Discovery location. 


Customer Experience / Diabetacare

Understanding Diabetes

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