Shaping IBM’s client experience

IBM’s new Client Experience Centre (CEC) was the nucleus of IBM’s technology and innovation and was regularly visited by CXOs of big businesses from all over the globe. 

Engaging with top level business heads without shifting the core focus from the purpose of their visit. Differentiating IBM India’s CEC from the ones in different parts of the world. 

Celebrated India to provide a unique and engaging visitor experience.

The India Experience

IBM India generated 3.5 Billion Dollars in revenue in 2016. Indian minds were coming up with radical ideas that were working globally. Our idea was to celebrate the essence of Indian culture in the CEC. We wanted every visitor to take a bit of India along with him/her on leaving. 


The Welcome Experience 

A 5 foot tall metal cylinder at the entrance which would welcome our guests with ‘light’; inspired by the Indian tradition of starting something new with brightness and light. Discussions with IBM revealed a core aspect of their identity: diversity. We merged the welcome idea with the theme of diversity. The result: A custom crafted metal cylinder with laser cut welcome messages on it in 14 regional Indian languages. Once all lights were switched off and the light within the cylinder was switched on, every visitor would receive a warm Indian welcome of light into the IBM CEC.

Actual photographs of the 1st and 2nd level mock-ups - Scaled down versions

Actual photographs of miniature mock-up with the round-edged font to check the readability.

The Meeting Room Experience

‘Celebrating Ancient Indian Thinkers’ was our theme for the meeting rooms. From Aryabhata to Chanakya, to Valmiki, they were all present at the IBM CEC. Our illustrators created custom illustrations of each scholar and these were used on the signage of each meeting room. 

For the glass surfaces in the CEC, we created a hand drawn illustrated strip of iconic Indian monuments. These created a balance of style and privacy. 

IBM_Employee Journey_Office_Graphics_Indian_Monuments_001IBM_Employee Journey_Office_Graphics_Indian_Monuments_001

The Giveaway Experience 

‘A little bit of IBM India to take home with you’ was our thought for the giveaway. We scaled the meeting rooms signage into individual coins placed in custom wooden boxes to give to each client. Each coin had relevant information about the Indian Thinker it was celebrating. 

The Exit Experience 

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’: Guests are equal to God. This simple Indian philosophy was at the core of our Exit Experience. Our thought was that after a day of meetings and discussions, the exit should be interactive. We created a ‘sand art table’ where guests could sign and leave a message for IBM in the sand which would get recorded live and be shown to everyone present on a screen. 

Customer Experience / SOBHA Museum

De-mystifying construction tech at the SOBHA Museum​​​​​​​

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