Making Retirement Cool

Mantri Developers are a prominent real estate group who have a diversified portfolio spread over 20 million square feet. 'Luxury Senior Living' was at the core of their new venture: Mantri Primus. 


How do a group of 25 - 30 year olds put themselves in the shoes of a 60 year old? 

1. Use only actual photographs of the property and not stock images. We did a detailed photoshoot with custom crafted scenarios and senior models. 

2. Ensure that we created a positivity around the brand and its offering. 

Creating positivity: A Fun Approach

Our research showed us that in India, there is a lot of stigma that surrounds the words 'retirement' and 'old age homes'. We wanted to remove that stigma and create a sense of positivity and hope. Hence, we went ahead with a cartoon centric approach for the first phase. 

Our first bunch of ads were created as a 'message' from the seniors to the youngsters where the idea was to break the stereotype of the elderly in India. For example: It is not necessary that all seniors are overly religious and love going to the temple. 

We created over 60 cartoons showing the differences between Primus life and normal retirement. For example: Primus life means you get hot and healthy food made for you every day by a team of trained chefs. Normal life means you buy vegetables, cut and chop and cook and get exhausted. The cartoons were tongue in cheek sometimes, but were well-received. 


The proof of the pudding: Actual Photographs 

Buyers are tired of builders and developers promising the moon in rendered visuals and then backtracking when it actually came to delivering. Here, the project was already a 100% complete. So, we made the best of it! These pictures were used across their website, print materials, advertising creatives and event visuals. Although we did do a custom shoot with models, we also did a shoot with actual Primus residents too.

All pictures and cartoons were used extensively in the Primus Brochure

I don’t want to be dependant on anyone for the rest of my life

- As told to Rezonant by a 64 year old home maker

The elderly are : 'Super at Sixty'

For Phase 2 of the project, we went back to our initial insights: we needed to stay away from the words ‘old age’, ‘retirement’,  ‘assisted living’.We needed to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and be super again. Hence the positioning, ‘Super at Sixty’.

Customer Experience / Discovery Village

Making offices go 'wild'

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