The SOBHA Museum

Enhancing the experience at South-India’s first Museum of construction technology and engineering practices.

Converting a complicated & jargon-filled museum with a niche appeal into a free-flowing and easy to appreciate experience for the lay-person and potential home buyer.

Used the Museum as an opportunity to increase awareness, respect, transparency and most importantly, tried to generate sales for the brand.

The Brand Experience

The SOBHA Museum is a bold venture by an established developer and our strategic advice to them was to scale it across the country and even abroad. From day 1, we knew we were creating an identity for an entity that had the power and potential to disrupt the industry. Our branding exercise resulted in the creation of a dynamic logo with global appeal. By using the brand font in the name we ensured that the connect to the parent brand was immediate and crystal clear.

The Entrance Experience

Marina One, the project in which the SOBHA Museum is located. is a one of its kind, ultra premium project in Kochi. The Museum is located within the ‘Experience Center’ which also has a Show Residence and a Client Interaction Center. It was important to us to ensure that the Museum got its due attention and attracted visitors. ‘How your home works’ was how we positioned the Museum to ensure that people understand that SOBHA wanted to create homes that not just look good but also work good for a long time to come.

SOBHA is a brand with over decades of experience in developing luxury homes. Wanting to cement trust in the relationship with all visitors, we used the SOBHA Values in custom frames at the entrance.


The unique signage all over the Center, ensured that people do not miss out on the Museum or on any of the other experiences.

The ‘Back-end’ Experience

As one enters into the Museum, one can see 9 bays. The first 3 bays give visitors an insight into SOBHA’s big picture thinking. Amongst SOBHA’s many strengths, one of its most key is back-end integration. SOBHA’s ability to move forward without depending on anyone else makes it a truly revolutionary organisation. The bays here highlight SOBHA’s ability to produce concrete products, metal and glazing work and also design the interiors of your dream home. We designed communication tools and the bays in a way that enabled visitors to glean the entire story easily and quickly.

The ‘How your home works’ Experience

The Museum was conceptualised to explain to buyers the amount of single-minded thought that went into constructing or rather crafting each SOBHA Home. The idea was to create bays around some key processes and traditionally ‘problem areas’ such as the bathroom and the kitchen and explain the methodology SOBHA adopted to ensure that their homes give a superior experience. Over many hours of research with Team SOBHA, we were able to get a grasp over the basic processes that went into each home. We then proceeded to segregate the bays into the most logical and easy to digest format; from start to finish, from homes to basements.

The bays were designed like X-Rays of the actual spaces, where visitors could physically see the materials and details that went into ensuring their homes were trouble-proof. From the layers of waterproofing in the bathroom to the tiling process to ensure easy to clean kitchens, visitors could check everything out.

The ‘De-coding’ Experience

Some of the processes that were being explained were really technical and there was a lot of jargon involved initially. A sure shot way for this Museum to not work was if visitors could not understand what was being said or got irritated with the complexity of it. We took all of SOBHA’s material and converted each process in each bay into a limerick/poem of sorts. And we used this poem on yellow post-its. This not only assuaged the viewer that the message being communicated was light-hearted and easy to understand but the post-it also ensured that the visitor was familiar with the format and was receptive to the content within it.

Each bay was named with the process it explained and each bay had an explanatory panel with a list of the processes that were being explained within the bay.

Each visitor to the Museum can pick-up a flyer which spoke about all the bays and its contents in detail. Visitors were free to carry the flyer with them back home and could also ask the SOBHA Museum Experts to mail a PDF of the flyer to them.


Other Communication

Apart from their homes, SOBHA also wanted to promote their interiors which included wardrobes, kitchens, etc. We created minimalistic and stylish panels that spoke to visitors and urged them to consult with a SOBHA Interiors Consultant to finish their new home.

Amongst SOBHA’s biggest assets are their large bank of happy and satisfied customers. Trust between a buyer and the developer is of paramount importance. We gathered some testimonials from SOBHA and framed these testimonials of existing customers and showcased them on a wall in the Museum.

Customer Experience / Mantri Primus

Making Retirement Cool

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