Brand Identity for Stomp

Crafting a unique experience for a pub in the ‘pub capital of India’

Bangalore is known as the Pub city for good reason. The number of pubs the city has is staggering. From “Rajesh whisgey house” to the famous ones in big hotels and popular areas. The youth brigade is spoilt for choice and thus quite choosy and demanding.

The challenge therefore was to make the pub cooler and hepper and unique in its identity when compared to the hundred other places out there. I agree, we could have done this by just putting Justin Bieber’s face on the beer mugs, but sadly 12 year old girls are not allowed to visit pubs.

The name that we came up with was “Stomp”. Stomp was the ideal name for the pub because of the common and widespread practice where the audience ‘Stomps’ along with the band during concerts all over the world. Thus the ‘Rock Pub’ angle was covered. Stomp is also a word and action that signifies getting what you want. There was a rebellious tinge to it.

Edgy, self-referential, witty and rememberable. This is how we wanted all communication from Stomp to be. Music was a core aspect of the identity of the pub, hence we created a whole bunch of posters, banners and other OOH advertising with puns around famous song lyrics, inviting Bangaloreans to come stomp at Stomp!

The graphics at the pub were centred around music. Rock n roll classics that the city thrives on. We had lyrics from famous songs welcoming people at the entrance, we had rock gods in stained glass watching over patrons as they downed their pints and silhouettes of these musical demigods with their own lyrics within all over the pub.

Product Design

Music lovers are analog people. They love going old school and constantly reject modern technology. This is exactly what we did. We took actual vinyl records and crafted the food and drinks menu from them.

Everything from the name to the logo was greatly appreciated. The pub now has a huge crowd of regulars who stomp there every other day. It has become the most happening place in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Customer Experience / Moscow Mule 

Brand identity for Moscow Mule

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