Working with Flipkart

Multiple engagements with India’s most famous ‘start-up’

Understanding the brand 
Understanding the ‘Flipster’ (Flipkart employee)

Created a strong employer brand 
Increased employee engagement 

The Awareness Experience

We knew that we had to use the careers website as a tool to increase awareness and engagement with candidates. Our idea was to enable people to understand life at Flipkart. The work and the people. A strong set of stories had to be told in a way that was engaging, informative and piqued people’s imaginations. Following this thought was a lot of research time that our writers spent at Flipkart meeting employees, observing meetings, tagging along on events and observing the work culture from within. We then started creating the entire work at Flipkart ‘story’ from scratch. 

We treated the website like a ‘digital bookshelf’ where people could pick and choose ‘books’ at random and read more about life at Flipkart. The website was full of puns, quirky articles, comic strips and lots more. We positioned life at Flipkart as ‘Awesome Everydays’.

This was a new approach of creating fiction powered by the truth

Onboarding Experience

The challenge was to design onboarding processes that made employees feel welcome and connect with the vision of the company’s founders on day 1. We had to articulate and communicate the vision of the CEO in a scalable and user friendly manner. 

We looked at all the stories that we had collected during our research for the awareness experience and realised that Flipkart had a fun and engaging history. We decided to use the history of the company as a powerful tool. Enable people to learn and understand big decisions and their outcomes that have built the company into a multi-billion dollar entity. 

We created a custom illustration of the history and milestones of the company that was used extensively across the ‘onboarding kit’ that was given to each employee. Employees got to read about fun stories like Sachin and Binny’s ‘forever broken printer’ and also got to learn from ventures that did not do well.


The Engagement Experience

How to create engagement tools for a young company that was already 4000+ employees strong

Communicate in the most relatable way: stories. We advised Flipkart to tell compelling stories to their employees to increase motivation and engagement. We segregated the stories into 4: History, People, Culture and The evolution of eCommerce. 

History: Fun, endearing stories of the glory days from the founders and leaders themselves. 

People: Know your colleagues. Face of the video: The Chief People Officer, Mekin Maheshwari. 

Culture: Understand your office’s culture.

eCommerce: Understand your industry. Know where you came from. 

We created 4 videos around each of these stories. Each video had a different style and format of storytelling. Our art team created an entire paper cut out set for the Evolution of eCommerce video. 

The Office Experience

Our goal was to create fun, engaging and inspiring office graphics for a diverse bunch of people.

Not inspirational stories from the internet. Not stock images. The office would showcase the Flipsters themselves. We created 12 archetypes that showcased characteristic traits that every CEO/founder would want in his employees. The good news: our interaction had showed us that a lot of these archetypes already existed in the organisation. We created custom illustrations for each archetype based on actual Flipsters themselves. 

For days, Flipster chatter on social media revolved around these graphics that we created for them. And the people who got custom illustrations of themselves, they were over the moon! The second type of graphics we created revolved around the most important person to any Flipster: The Customer. Using detailed market research conducted over the years by Flipkart, we created 'customer archetypes'. Each archetype had his/her own qualities that defined their buying patterns and gave an insight into their psyche. The benefit was two-fold: The Flipster gets inspired right at the workspace and also gets a daily insight into his/her customer's mind. Win-win!


Celebrating the Flipster 

The Flipster way of life was catching on and everyone wanted to be part of the gang. From family members of Flipkart employees to employees themselves, everyone wanted to associate themselves with the coolest Indian start-up yet, then, very publicly. We helped Team Flipkart design the experience for their first ever Flipster merchandise store, ‘Fliptomania’, and also designed a couple of t-shirts that celebrated important company milestones. It was a lot of fun to walk through the roads of Bangalore and find people wearing ‘our’ t-shirts! 

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