A $5.82 billion Japanese pharma giant, Eisai is a revolutionary, research intensive company with over 10,000 employees. We helped them in their journey in India by designing the graphics and signage for their sprawling 50-acre Vishakapatnam campus.

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This was Eisai's first large integrated campus in India. A statement had to be made, and it had to stand the test of time.

Everything had the stamp of the brand, even the wayfinding. We adopted a subtle approach towards the graphics and celebrated the company through its inspiring work. We began the story with the basics of chemistry, the humble periodic table.

The history walk; milestones are marked in 'Periodic Table' style

The Headquarters

A custom-drawn, colorfully illustrated interior wall for 'In' = Integrity

The project brand experience begins at the 'headquarters' block, or the main admin block. Two key messages were deployed here - the company values and the CEO's vision.

Eisai employees personify their values of integrity, respect, professionalism, quality and teamwork. These values were represented as large wall graphics in the 'Periodic table' style - In, Rs, Pr, Qu, Tw.

A History Walk

Eisai has a rich history. The main block had a beautiful walkway. A 'history walk' had to be created.

The Periodic Table

Mendeleev's periodic table gave us a delightful palette to experiment with, in this case as graphics on glass surfaces.

Signage & Wayfinding

The signage and wayfinding was custom-designed in machine cut aluminium. The visual design follows Eisai's philosophy of nurturing, and is inspired by a sapling. The construction detailing provides for robust performance in inclement weather to provide a long life.

The R&D Block

Eisai's Vizag facility is unique. It is the only facility of Eisai in the world that houses three main functions in the pharma industry in one campus - R&D, API and formulation. In the R&D block, we created messaging that showcased Eisai's vibrant research culture and outstanding products.

The graphics and wayfinding design captures our ethos in an apt manner that is subtle and sophisticated at the same time.

The cafeteria is a compact standalone building that houses two dining areas; the general dining area and an executive dining area. Treatments for both these were chosen based on the space available.

Abstract graphics with inspirational messages contributed to most of the design strategy in this space. For functional purposes, graphics were used on corridor areas to provide better protection to walls against smudging.

Environments / SOBHA Marina One

Designing the employee experience for an eCommerce giant.

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